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Refacing VS New Cabinets

Most people look at refacing as a less expensive option of cabinet upgrading. The truth is, in most cases refacing or resurfacing can cost the same if not more than new cabinets. When you buy cabinets the primary cost you are paying for is the doors and the drawer fronts. The cost of the cabinet box is almost free. So if you are refacing or resurfacing you are still paying for the doors and drawer fronts but are also paying to have them made custom sizes and the labor of applying vinyl print to the face of your cabinet. In addition when the refacing is done the insides of your cabinets are still old and bacteria filled. Cabinets are made of wood and particle board and will absorb water though out the years of floor mopping and water spills or leaks inside the cabinets. When you do refacing or resurfacing this absorbed bacteria will not go away.

Why would anyone do refacing then?

The only reason why anyone should consider doing refacing is when new countertops have recently been installed and they don’t want to change them. In most cases countertop removal will cause breakage and it cannot be reused. It is always recommended to put in new cabinets if you are doing new countertops because of this fact. Refacing is not new cabinets.