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The Most Popular Patio Flooring Designs!

Are you looking to redesign your patio flooring completely in order to enhance the appeal of your home? We have the most popular patio flooring designs that are in demand. Not only are we providing you with the costs of designing a patio but also the options you possess in order to get the best out of your flooring.

Concrete Patio

One of the most common choices amongst Patio floorings is concrete. The good thing about this choice is that it meshes very easily with other designs and types of floorings.

Estimated Cost:

Concrete is quite inexpensive compared to the other flooring Phoenix designs on the market. It installed at around 5$ – 10$ per square feet. You can choose to install concrete flooring by yourself if you have done it before or hire a pro to do it, but it is advised that you should leave it to the experts.


There are different designs that you can use for concrete patios, some of the most creative ones involve surrounding your patio with square slabs of concrete in order to create a setting. It works better if you include garden features such as plants and small trees along with it to create a custom patio look.

Wood Decking

If you are going for a more natural and refined look then you should look at getting comfortable and classic wood decks for patio flooring. However, you will be required to spend some money for upkeep since it is hard to maintain wood in perfect condition, especially outdoors.

Estimated Cost:

Wood decking is slightly on the higher side of being expensive, since the wood used is of high quality and costs around $15 – $30 per square feet.


You can get creative with wood decking; since it allows your patio to achieve a more holistic look overall. It is perfect for you if you want to upgrade your patio since it creates a new surface and matches the surrounding environment naturally. A good choice if you are willing to spend some money on upkeep.

Brick and Stone

Nothing beats the charm and romanticism of a brick and stone patio flooring. It can be accommodated with a number of different designs and provides a whole array of different settings.

Estimated Costs:

Bricks and stone patios are a common favorite amongst people when they are looking to update the look on their patio flooring Phoenix. It is cheaper than wood floorings and requires less upkeep as well, not to mention that it provides a simple and refined look to the patio.


Designs for brick and stone floorings are fairly limited, which is mainly due to the fact that it is meant to add simplicity and ruggedness to the patio. However, you can experiment with several different layouts to find a comfortable design that brings out the charm in your patio.

Many people consider saving money when they are looking to update their patios by themselves. It is recommended by experts to leave the layout and designing of the patio flooring to the experts, since it will cost you more in the end if you do it yourself.