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New Cabinets vs Refacing Your Old Ones

Most people think that they can save money by refacing their old cabinets instead of installing new ones. The fact is when you buy cabinets, what you are paying for is the doors and drawer fronts. So when you do refacing you are still paying for the doors and drawer fronts plus the additional charge to have them all custom made to match your boxes. Then extra charges of taping all the exposed frames and custom made drawer boxes must be added. The other issue most people do not realize is that when removing old light weight laminate tops and applying a heavy granite top the old cabinets may not be able to handle the weight and may cause the slab to crack. This will not be warrantied by your granite company. The only time refacing is recommended is if you already have granite installed and you do not want to remove it. Most of the time removing installed granite will crack it.