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All you need to know about Tile Flooring

As soon as you take a step through someone’s door there are many things you take note of, wall decorations, wall colors, and most of all their tiling.

Know your Tiles

It is important to know that tiles are divided into categories. Tile installations are no joke; they have a big impact on your floor; they can make your room stand out. Let us assume your walls are of a darker shade; if so your tiles should be of lighter shade as they make your walls and furniture stand out. If your room is of a lighter shade then dark tiles will help make your furniture pop. There are thousands of color contrasts you can play with and choose from so you should know which tiles are best for your room.

Types of Tiles

There are 6 main types of tiles which you can choose from, each one being unique in property and looks as well. These 6 are the following:

  • Ceramic
  • Marble
  • Glass
  • Porcelain
  • Travertine
  • & Slate

The kind of tile you want depends on the location of your room, its color, and which kind of room is it. The location of the room matters as it can either exposed to light or hidden from it. Dark rooms do not need a darker shade of tiles as it will make the room appear dull. Dark shades are not always appropriate for light rooms as they do not go well with them. In a child’s room dark colors are considered dull, and will not add happiness or joy to the surrounding as much as lighter and colorful tiles would.

Before selecting tiles for your home you need to have a plan. You should have an idea of which ones would complement the particular rooms you have in mind. However, if you don’t then no need to worry. This is what tile flooring Phoenix experts are there for. These tile flooring Phoenix experts will guide you through which titles will be appropriate for which rooms and why, the shades that can compliment them and how you can have them set to their maximum aesthetic potential.

Quality & Installation

Quality is very important when it comes to buying something which is important to you. Superior Stone & Cabinet offers the best quality you can get in all of Phoenix when it comes to tile floorings. Your tiles will be installed carefully by our experts who are quite experienced in setting tiles in a number of happy homes.

Play around as much as you like, add something which comes from the bottom of your heart. Your house is one of the best ways you can bring out creativity and show it to everyone you know, surprise your friends and relatives, in fact inspire them!

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