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Granite Countertops: What You Need to Know

Granite is a material that not only looks beautiful, but is extremely durable as well. This property makes granite a popular material for countertops. Granite countertops do not require a lot of maintenance and can easily be installed in ann. old kitchen as well. If you want to sell your home, they are a great choice because they appeal many buyers and will even increase the value of your home.

There are many companies that sell and install granite countertops in Phoenix, but before you do that, you should know everything about granite. Here is a quick look at the most important facts about granite countertops.

Basic Facts

Granite is a natural stone that has a higher durability value than marble. This along with the fact that granite is available in many colors, is why it is used so widely as a countertop material. Among the colors that exist, black pearl and absolute black are the most preferred choices.  A granite countertop of these colors will make your kitchen absolutely stunning, especially if the rest of the décor is white.

Unlike other materials used for countertops, granite has a smother surface because it is subjected to a variety of edge treatments. These improve the finishing and make it look even more beautiful.


As already mentioned, granite is durable. It can resist moisture and does not get scratched or cracked easily.  As for the cleaning, that also should not take much time if you do it regularly. Granite is also resistant to heat and will easily bear all your hot pots and pans.


Granite may be easy to clean, but what may be inconvenient is the fact that cleaning has to be done regularly, more precisely, everyday. Once you are done with your kitchen tasks, you will have to wipe off your counter with a soft cloth. Granite also has to be sealed on a yearly basis.

There are other cons associated with granite as well. It can absorb oil, which can stain the surface. If your countertop is a lighter color, these will be very prominent.

Average Costs

There are many companies that sell granite countertops in Phoenix , and their prices are affordable as well. Granite countertops can cost as little as $10, but products of higher quality may cost around $170. Generally a countertop that has been subjected to edge treatments and has a unique color like blue, will cost more. As for the installation, that varies between $40 and $100.

In a nutshell, granite is a great material for your countertop. If you do opt for it, you will have to conduct a regular maintenance so that your countertop always remains as beautiful as when you bought it. Since maintenance is easy, this will not be an issue and your countertop will see many years in your kitchen.