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Fitting Your Floor in the Right Manner

Did you just buy new flooring for yourself? How do you plan to install it? You have two main options. Either hire a company that installs flooring in Phoenix AZ or do it yourself. If you opt for the former option, you will not have to worry about anything and the team will take care of everything. If you go for the latter option, you will need to proceed with caution so that your new floor is not damaged.

Key points

If you are planning to fit your floor yourself, here is what you need to keep in mind. All along, you should have realistic expectations; if you bought an economical flooring material, it might not look as classy as you desire and the overall result may not appear to be that neat.

  • The subfloor should be prepared well.
  • You should go through all the instructions carefully before you begin to install the floor.
  • You must have access to the right tools, otherwise you will never be able to achieve a smooth finishing.
  • The process is time consuming and you will have to proceed step by step,

The tools that can come handy

If you are going to install the flooring yourself, you should have a carpenter’s square, a tape measure and a pencil with you. You will also require a handsaw so that you can trim the plank in required lengths. Similarly, a jigsaw is needed to cut the flooring and fit it along the walls. You will also need a hacksaw, spade drill and a laminating kit.

Once you have these tools, read the instructions given in the guide and then start installing your floor.

What you need to be aware of

Regimented Patterns

Start every row of the flooring with a board that is cut in a different length. This will give it a staggered appearance, which looks more appealing. Moreover, this also reduces wastage of the material.

Finished Beading

Miter your corners well and make sure that your beading ends neatly. If you do not do this, the overall result will not be that neat.


There should be no necessary or increased gaps between the boards. This happens when you use less glue or do not give the floor enough time to settle well.

Creaking Floors

Before you lay your new floor, either completely remove the old flooring or properly fix any loose boards. This will ensure that your new floor does not creak.

If you cannot abide by even one of these, just switch to a professional company offer flooring services in Phoenix.

There are many companies that offer flooring in Phoenix AZ. You can contact them and they will easily be able to install the flooring for you. Though many people try DIY methods, seeking help from the pros is always a better option.