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Deciding Kitchen Countertop Materials

Interested in getting a shiny new kitchen countertop? There are plenty of options for this because the available variety of kitchen countertops in Phoenix is quite large. As such, it is not exactly easy to make a decision and choose a style that would not only suit your needs, but go along with your existing kitchen design. Obviously, you are the one who has to finally decide whether you want to go with something trendy or select a style that will last for ages to come. But for right now, we can be of help by briefing you about the most popular and classy materials for kitchen countertops in Phoenix.

Poured Concrete

Want a design that is classy yet durable? This one is for you then. Poured concrete countertops give your kitchen a natural appearance, but you would have to seal them well so that they do not stain. Once you do this, your countertop will always appears spotless and you can get it tinted to any color you wish. As long as you do not put any hot pots on it and do not directly chop on the surface, a poured concrete counter is going to see quite a few years in your kitchen.

Butcher Block

Elegant yet stylish, a butcher block countertop is quite an option that has a soft surface. This does mean added maintenance, but that does not have to mean doing extensive work. A quick oiling and sealing once a month would be enough to provide your counter with that new look. However, if you do want your kitchen to look trendy, this should not be an issue.

Reclaimed Wood

A reclaimed wood counter is new option in the market. You would be surprised to know that reclaimed wood is actually obtained from old barns and homes that are about to get demolished. Despite this, a reclaimed look counter is quite an attractive option that would really improve the appearance of your kitchen. So if you have environmental concerns and like green solutions, this type of counter is the perfect option for you.


Cork is a dense and lightweight material that offers increased durability and is friendly to the environment. If you are not careful about hot pots, you should go with one, because the material offers resistance to both heat and water.

Stainless Steel

Want a kitchen that is modern, sophisticated and depicts the latest trends in the industry? Go for a stainless steel counter then, and make you kitchen look like it is up to date. A stainless steel counter is also resistant to water and heat, and you would not have to be concerned with hot pots. The only problem is that scratches and stains can appear on the surface after a certain time. Both issues can be solved if you use a chopping board and wash and polish the countertop regularly.


Soapstone is another durable material, but does not prevent scratches. If they do occur, you can sand or oil them away, and the matte surface of your counter will always remain smooth.