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5 Countertop Trends to Watch in 2023


The average American homeowner spends $25,656 on a kitchen remodel. When spending this amount of money, you want to get it right the first time. In addition to the kitchen cabinets, the countertop takes up a large amount of visual space.
The countertop you choose can transform the look of your entire kitchen. Understanding home design trends help you select home countertops that will continue to have appeal for years to come. So keep an eye out for these five countertop trends when remodeling your kitchen in 2023.

  • Warm paletts
  • Art deco stylings
  • Softened edges and round corners
  • Wellness living

Countertop Trends Overview

Current home interior design trends embrace warm neutral colors that look and feel like a warm and cozy hug. These are accented by art deco-inspired geometric shapes that add visual interest and symmetry to a space.

There is a shift away from overly simplistic modern design to embrace softer curved lines. This trend aims to bring warmth and comfort to the home. Natural materials and textures make more of a presence, also.

Floating shelves are one of the most popular kitchen features we install.

1. Warmer Palettes

The gray-neutral trend is reaching the end of its lifespan in home interior design. It has reached full saturation, which means that people have begun to grow tired of it. The death of grey has been accelerated with Covid.

When faced with the extreme uncertainty of a pandemic, we turned to the comfort of our homes for a sense of security and stability. While grey looks nice, it simply doesn’t have the right qualities to fulfill this need as a cool neutral. Because of this, interior design trends have shifted away from gray as the neutral of choice to a warmer color palette.

Trending warm neutrals add a sense of coziness to the space. Stick with muted colors inspired by nature.

Good examples include sand, linen, and oatmeal. A color expected to trend in 2023 is a rustic graige which is a blend of beige, gray, and red undertones. The blending of grey and other colors is one that we will see become more people in years to come.

The grey keeps the color looking neutral while the color warms up the grey. The result is a balanced color scheme with a lot of flexibility for choosing decor.

2. Art Deco Styling

The Art Deco style began in the early 1900s and never truly went away. The hallmarks of this classic design theme are geometric shapes and repeating patterns.

Many people associate Art Deco with the opulent example set forth in the Great Gatsby. However, this is an over-the-top opulent example of the interior design style. Over the decades, it has evolved into a beautiful and artistic blending of traditional Art Deco and modern changing trends.

Embrace these elements in your kitchen countertop by keeping the shape angular or mirroring the arch shape present in other elements of your kitchen. For example, perhaps you use the same arch shape on the countertop, stove hood, and light fixtures.

In addition, use a variety of geometric lines and shapes. For example, your countertop could have one curved side, some 90-degree corners, and an overall rectangular or triangle shape.

3. Softening Edges and Round Corners

Kitchen design trends will see a softening in 2023. This is a reflection of changing modern interior design trends. Ultra-modern interior design trends feature long straight lines and sharp 90-degree corners.

While this style looks sleek and sophisticated, it can also look cold. Modern, clutter-free design isn’t gone but has a softer look that embraces curves. You can achieve this with a curved bullnose edge.


4. Textured Surfaces/Natural Materials

When considering different types of countertops, you need to look at the material and finish. Trending countertop finishes are honed and polished. These are simple without being pretentious while also bringing out the natural beauty of the stone.
Pure color and veined are the popular color design styles. This is a departure from previous natural stone trends and an important distinction. For example, granite designs popular in the 90s look very different from the granite countertops installed today.

Quartz remains a top choice, but several other natural countertop materials are also on trend.

5. Wellness Living

The wellness living trend is about creating a space that is more than just beautiful. It is a lifestyle that prioritizes the environment, healthy living, and sustainability. So when designing your new kitchen, think about more than how your new countertop will look.

A centralized drain or smart edge gutters create a clutter-free solution for waste when preparing meals. Remove the cabinets and add matching open shelving to arrange glass storage jars. Finally, opt for a built-in cooktop that streamlines the look of your countertop and declutters your kitchen.

Add a waterfall design to the kitchen island, extending the countertop down one side, creating a waterfall effect. Then skip the drop-in sink and add an integrated sink to the countertop. These features simplify the kitchen design, helping to create peace of mind.

Why Follow Trends

As a homeowner, you should pay attention to home trends and consider them when remodeling your kitchen. While using every current kitchen trend is not wise, using a select few can make your kitchen more appealing. Similar to the fashion trend lifestyle, home design trends come and go.

If you plan to sell your home, your countertops can make or break the sale. Following home trends ensures you don’t choose a countertop material that will soon go out of style, making your home look outdated. However, don’t pick a countertop purely based on trends.
Your kitchen countertops need to appeal to your tastes, work for your lifestyle, and fit within your budget. When in doubt, it is safe to pick a timeless design that embraces neutrals. That way, your countertops will have appeal no matter what the current trend is.

How Superior Can Help

Working with Superior Stone & Cabinet can make your kitchen remodel smooth. Our skilled team stays knowledgeable about countertop trends, so they can help you look through our extensive supply of quartz, granite, and cabinet companies. Then, as a direct importer, we help homeowners coordinate their cabinet and countertop installation that fits their budget.

Contact our skilled team and let us help you choose the perfect stone for your new kitchen countertops.